WordPress Leeds 26th April 6pm

Date: 26th April, 18:00

What’s on this month?

Introduction to Web Accessibility – Andrew Macpherson


Accessibility has always been a key goal of the Web – making information and services available everywhere, through a variety of interfaces to suit anyone.  Yet 25 years on, websites are often difficult (or impossible) for many people to use, while accessibility skills and awareness are too thinly spread across professional design and developer communities.

This session will be an introduction to web accessibility, aimed at helping designers, developers, and content managers get started on the road to building inclusive, accessible websites.  Topics will include:

Andrew is a Drupal developer based in Leeds, and a contributor to the Drupal project where he mainly works on accessibility improvements to Drupal core software.

Second half – Q&A and open discussion.

The second half of the session will be an open discussion. Perhaps you have some interesting accessibility questions you would like to ask Andrew about, or maybe just a general WordPress question you would like answering that we can put to the whole room.

We’re going to open up online submissions for questions 1 week before the event so we can be a little more organised and hit the ground running on the night. Keep an eye out on twitter or the mailing list for more information.

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After the event, we will be heading to a nearby pub for further discussion and drinks.

Why not speak at our next event?

We are always looking for folks to come and speak at our events. So if you have an idea for a talk, a discussion or just want to show folks what you have been working on get in touch. You don’t need to be a professional speaker or even to have spoken in a group before. If you don’t want to do a talk, but are interested in hearing about a specific subject, or have an idea/problem then why not also get in touch.

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